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Friday, January 23, 2009

A new world of Telespeech Therapy

I am proud to be part of a telespeech therapy practice.Being a team member in a pioneering work is fabulous. Its been 6 months since I have been giving children speech therapy through the internet to the opposite part of the world, sitting in the comforts of my home in my pajamas!!! How cooler can that get. Moving away from my comforts, its sheer joy to know that I and my team mates are helping out these kids(mostly in remote areas) where no speech therapists are available. We are making a difference!!!

In the next few weeks, I will be putting up posts introducing you to Telespeech Practice and what its all about.

Parents,your child can receive speech therapy (after looking into if he/she satisfies a few criterion).It has remarkable results. The kids love it and so will you.

And to you Speech therapists, it may be a questionable area,totally taking you out of your comfort zone, questioning your ethics, but it is a possibility. It is not just in its research stage, or scary territory. It has become an accepted part in the delivery of Speech and language services.

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