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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009

More recess time ,better behavior& increased learning

Unstructured , more than 15 minutes recess time in school contributes to better social and cognitive skills, and they learn better. Now isn't that what we want in our children? The overall picture on the child's well being will always be important. These small changes contribute so much to their development.

Here is a part from the article that sums it up: The study suggests that a daily break of 15 minutes or more in the school day may play a role in improving learning, social development, and health in elementary school children. The study's principal investigator is Romina M. Barros, MD, assistant clinical professor of pediatrics at Einstein.

Read the article to know more on the current research:

Saturday, February 14, 2009

On our toes with creativity

Being a speech therapist, you need to constantly upgrade yourself on creativity. You need to have it in your gut too. When you see the child getting bored with one way of teaching, e.g. how to say a sound, you know its time to change strategy.

Here are two that I just discovered in between sessions:

1.When working on a target sound in the word level, instead of repetition and exaggerated production, you could sing the words to a familiar music to the child. We sang the other day (working on clusters st-) to Bob the Builder: story story,sto o o ry.its a new way of saying boring words. it teaches them to split words at different place depending on the music, working on intonation also.

2. We were learning to make short sentences with target words for articulation. Instead of making plain simple sentences like, "Spiders are scary" we made funny non sense sentences. For e.g.: "Spider: I saw a pink spider wearing a dress".

We have a great time laughing over it and child doesn't even feel its an exercise.

Come down to their level , when you teach them. It's a different view from where they are.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Who is using Telespeech Practice now?

Among the various professionals using TSP(Telespeech Practice) here is an article in the website of LinguaCare who have taken steps to put this into practice. A special look at a few lines from the article:

The children loved the program and were disappointed if Vickie made an on-site visit and did therapy on-site instead of via Telespeech. At the end of the semester, questionnaires were distributed to students, teachers and parents in regards to the program with favorable comments made by all. Children were found to progress in their treatment program much as if they were seen directly by a therapist on-site.

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