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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Reaping the rewards of reading to your child

Nothing can be more satisfying and rewarding than reading to our children. My son is 2 years old now. And after reading to him these past two years, he has started to say bits of a story. The other day after reading the story of Jonah and the whale many times over the months, Benjamin sat narrating the story to me.
Jonah said no. Big fish AAA UM(expression for ate him). Jonah said yes God. Big Fish toop(spat him out).
As simple as that.
He is learning to construct short phrases.
He is learning to fit together the connection in the story.
He is learning to narrate out the story to me with sound effects and gestures.
He is having a conversation with me.

Continue reading... reap the benefits.....

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