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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Choosing Books for your Toddlers

By now your toddlers may or may not be past the book nibbling,tearing stage. If they are you can move on gloss paper books. Here are some tips to remember while looking out for new books for your toddler:
  1. Simple subjects that are related to your toddlers world
  2. Make sure there are only a 2 to 3 lines in every page and the illustration as the background.
  3. Include in your search , books containing Rhymes, repeated words, Noisy words(wow! hey! crash! boom! croack!bow wow!) .
  4. Simple and bold graphics.
  5. Have several basic concepts embedded in the book such as colors, numbers, shapes etc...
  6. You don't always have to buy new books. Look out for School fairs where they sell second hand books, keep your eyes and ears open to friends selling their now grown children's books. Use your imagination on where you may get books!
  7. Publishers sometimes indicate on the cover of the book the age level or grade level for which they think that book is most suitable. Don't hesitate to choose a book that may be suggested for someone older than your child.
As someone once quoated,"A book is an unlimited investment in the human mind and spirit. Its selection deserves thoughtful attention".

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